January 31st 2008 10:56 am

About These Free – No Fee, No Referral Real Estate Leads

These leads were previously being posted on the Real Web Results Blog and it soon became apparent that posting free leads every day would soon overtake all of the other content on the blog – so we set up this site just for giving away the free, no fee – no referral – no strings attached leads.

Being in the business of providing Realtor websites, I sometimes have websites up and ranking in search engines – waiting for a Realtor to take over the spot. When that happens I often get members of the public filling in the request forms (even though the site is identified as being in need of a Realtor).

Instead of letting these leads “fall on the floor” as I have been doing up until now, I have decided to make them available to local agents at no cost, no referral and no strings attached! At least that way the people that have asked for assistance may actually receive some help and not be disappointed.

I will be posting fresh (from within the last 24 hours) leads – usually daily – here on this blog. The leads include the prospects’ needs and their email address and phone number to make it easy to contact them.

If you are a Realtor who works in one of the areas posted and are interested in working one of the leads – simply email me at realwebresults@gmail.com letting me know of your interest and which market area you saw a lead for and I will forward the lead to you.

Most of the buyer leads will be from Canada as most of the buyer traffic from US websites is being directed to local Realtors already. There will still be some US seller leads though so keep checking back to see if there is one in your area.

**I will be limiting the number of leads sent to any one agent to three – but you can always have all of the leads by simply taking our website package for the available area. We only produce one website package in each market area – so areas are exclusive.

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